Bowen Zhou
Head of AI Platform and Research

Prior to, Dr. Zhou was the Director of AI Foundations lab at IBM Research in New York,and in the meantime, he was also the Chief Scientist of IBM Watson Group, and a Distinguished Engineer of IBM. In these combined executive roles, he was responsible for IBM's AI foundational research, as well as the science agenda of Watson Platform in developing and improving many product-level AI APIs, offered in the public cloud to empower developers and enterprises.

Dr. Zhou has decades of experience as a scientist and business leader in natural language technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence fields. Published more than 100 papers at peer-reviewed top journals and conference proceedings, and awarded over 10 patents, Dr. Zhou is a leading researcher in the areas of deep natural language understanding and speech translation. Since 2014, he has led the research of a series of deep learning based natural language processing models and theories. In 2003, he developed the world's first embedded large-vocabulary speech-to-speech bi-directional real-time translation system, and he has won numerous IBM's Outstanding Technical Innovation Awards for his research work.

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