JDAI Research Fund

JDAI Research (JDAIR) has established the JDAI Research Fund to support researchers pursuing cutting-edge studies in the Artificial Intelligence field.

Qualified applicants can apply for full funding for a specific research project. Besides the fund, JDAIR can also provide selected faculties with data, technical support and computing power, if necessary.

Application Guide


To apply for the fund, applicants must be faculties or researchers affiliated with an academic or research institution with world influence. Research areas include but not limited to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing. The detailed research topics can be found at the Research Tab on the website.

Submission of Proposal

Review the details below and finish your proposal, then click the Apply button to submit the required information and your proposal. Faculties are welcome to discuss their proposals before submission.

Proposal details:
• Length: No longer than ten pages.
• Language: Must be written in Chinese or English.
• Title: Make sure to give your proposal a title in the format of"Project Name_Full Name of the Principle Investigator". This is essential for the processing.
• Content: Include but not limited to the following:
• Investigation team members' background
• Project background and subject statement
• Research objective
• Proposed statement of work (summary of research methods)
• Proposed timeline and milestones
• Deliverables
• Resource requirement estimates
• Budget and planned use of funds
• Other information if necessary


Applications are reviewed by the steering committee consisting of researchers in the subject field from JDAIR on the basis of the information submitted.

The decision notifications will be communicated to the Principal Investigator in the form of email.

The Funding Process

To start a project, JDAIR will assign a Research Partner for each approved project, who will discuss the research plan with the Principle Investigator (PI). After the detailed research plan is approved, the JDAIR Program Management Team will contact the PI to make the first payment for mobilizing the project.

During the research, the Research Partner and the PI will be communicating on behalf of JDAIR and the PI’s team on a monthly basis.

To close a project, the PI should first submit a project report, then a meeting or tele-conference will be held between JDAIR and PI to review the project. With a written conclusion on the project, the remainder of the payment will be made to the PI.


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.


Email address: ai-programs@jd.com

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