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  • Machine Learning Lab

    Enabling systems to make
    the best decisions possible
    based on cutting-edge
    innovation in algorithms

  • NLP and Speech Lab

    Processing language and speech to provide machines with
    human-like cognitive abilities.

  • Computer Vision Lab

    Replicating human vision and
    enabling machines to see the world.

News List

Former IBM Watson Chief Scientist Joins JD

Zhou Bowen, an authoritative scientist in the artificial intelligence sector, joined e-commerce firm JD as vice president of JD Group. In his new role, Zhou will be responsible for businesses related to JD's AI researchand platform unit. Zhou ...


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JD Finance to push AI application with data discovery contest

JD Finance, the finance arm of China's B2C e-commerce giant JD.com, and leading venture capital firm Sequoia Capital jointly launched a contest on Monday to speed up artificial intelligence application in the finance sector.

WWW.CHINADAILY.COM.CNNovember 07, 2017

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China’s JD Finance Hires Former Amazon Scientist Bo Liefeng To Lead Artificial Intelligence Lab

JD Finance, the financial services unit of Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com Inc., has hired Bo Liefeng (pictured), former principal research scientist at Amazon.com Inc., as chief scientist of its artificial intelligence lab....

PAN YUEOctober 17, 2017

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Former Microsoft Executive Joins JD's Cloud Business

JD Group announced that Shen Yuanqing, former Microsoft Asia Pacific technology chairman, has formally joined JD as president of its cloud business unit. In his new role, Shen will be responsible for JD's...


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KDD Cup 2017: the “Black-Swan” team led by JD.COM engineer won the 2nd place of Task 2

The 2017 KDD Cup on “Highway Tollgates Traffic Flow Prediction” has successfully reached its end. A total of 3547 teams from around the world participated throughout the duration of the competition....


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Scientist in Machine Learning


Beijing / Mountain View, California

Job Description:

Research on data-driven descriptive and predictive machine learning models leveraging the large amount of data from JD.com to improve customer experience. Areas include, but not limited to: deep learning, reinforcement learning, statistical learning, kernel method,feature selection, etc.
Design and implement machine learning models for commercial applications.

Scientist in Natural Language Processing


Beijing / Mountain View, California

Job Description:

Research and development in natural language processing (NLP), including, but not limited to, text classification/clustering, named entity identification, sentence boundary disambiguation, question answering, lexical semantics, machine translation, etc.
Apply NLP approaches in business and products to improve customer experience and minimize the cost for human interactions.

Scientist in Computer Vision


Beijing / Mountain View, California

Job Description:

JD.com has a large variety of data for research and analysis. All products at JD.com have pictures and descriptions. Researchers in computer vision will work on object recognition, image/video processing, analysis, indexing, retrieval, classification and compression,etc.
Our researchers bring core computer vision expertise to commerce, and combine computer vision and machine learning techniques for large-scale image/video data.

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