JD AI is dedicated to exploring frontier technologies, and applying them in real commercial scenarios to realize its vision to "Create a Better Life with AI". Based on a fundamental belief in and commitment to Trustworthy AI, JD AI is deepening its efforts across six key technical fields, including natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, knowledge graphs, natural language processing and dialogue. JD AI's Trustworthy AI approach is focused on two primary areas, Intelligent Interactive RPA and Visual IoT. In August 2019, JD was selected to develop China's National Open Innovation Platform for Next Generation Artificial Intelligence in Smart Supply Chain, with NeuHub, JD's AI Open Platform, as the core technology. JD AI continues to develop large-scale AI applications in fields such as such as municipal services, retail, customer service, healthcare and more, and to explore innovative business models to integrate AI with the real economy and realize the true value AI brings to society.We provide these services under the following brands:

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