JDGrapevine Project
The "Scholar Program" of the " JDGrapevine Project"


Based on a world-class scientific research platform, JD AI Research Institute's "Scholar Program" aims to discover and cultivate a new generation of scholars, so that they can give full play to the innovation ability of scientific research and become academic leaders at the forefront of science and technology in the world.

Project Content

Scholars selected in the "Scholar Program" will join the research teams in different fields of the JD AI Research Institute, partner with senior researchers at JD AI Research Institute, and work together with research teams to develop the most innovative research in the cutting-edge AI fields. The research fields and directions of 2018 sponsored by the "Scholar Program" of the JD AI Research Institute can be found in Application related materials.

Project Admission

This program will target outstanding scholars, from all universities and research institutes around the world, who meet the following criteria:

The research direction is related to JD AI Research Institute;
Be able to work independently and lead student teams to participate in project research.

Join in "Scholar Program" of JD AI Research Institute, you can:

Select a senior fellow from the JD AI Research Institute as your research partner;
Qualify to participate in cutting-edge projects such as the “Thematic Research Program” of the JD AI Research Institute;
Obtain the support from JD AI Research Institute and work with top universities in the world;
Become a member of the "JD Grapevine Project" and get to know influential scholars in AI academia.

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